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Different types of custom design engineered garage doors

Different types of custom design engineered garage doors
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Garage doors are often custom designed to suit the needs of the customer. Mentioned here are some doors meant for commercial usage:

Sliding doors

Different types of custom design engineered garage doorsSliding doors used for Industrial purpose should be highly durable, efficient and have extended periods of sliding life. Such doors are available in the market which can be operated both manually and by using power. Sliding doors used in industries have various applications and are commonly used in commercial buildings, Industrial centers, Manufacturing units, convention centers etc.

Four-fold doors

Doors which are four-fold are the ideal solution to keep the maintenance costs at an affordable rate and to ensure extended periods of service combined with high operation cycles. These commercial garage doors are excellent choices for security purposes, parking lots, and public works and for other industrial purposes. The door panels have the ability to fold completely and away from the opening in such a way that it allows free and complete access. Such doors are widely fitted in fire stations, police stations, and Mass transit systems, manufacturing units, agricultural areas, correctional centers or facilities and parking garages.

Swing doors

Another type of commonly manufactured custom designed commercial door is the swing door. These doors come in a wide range of materials and sizes and are exclusively designed to meet the requirements of the building to which they are incorporated. They provide high strength and extended durability and are ideal for both manual as well as automatic operation. Swing doors are widely used in manufacturing units, museums, buildings for performing arts, and for industrial buildings as well as commercial buildings.

Crane doors

These are custom designed doors which are perfect for overhead access of cranes. They come with features like superior strength as well as reliability and are found to be best for heavy duty operations. Crane doors have various commercial applications; they are used in shipyards, power plants, manufacturing units, warehouses etc.

Fire doors

In case of fire doors, they come in a wide range of configurations like bi-parting, single slide, multiple panel tele slides etc. All these applications make them unique as well as diverse at the same time. Fire doors are exclusively custom designed to withstand increased temperatures of up to 250° F in half an hour time of temperature rise. They come with various features like speed systems for closing that can be controlled, vision lites, monorail cutouts, power operation as well as pass doors. Fire doors are widely used in buildings like convention centers, manufacturing units, commercial buildings, industrial areas etc.

Hangar doors

Another type of commercial garage door is the hangar door which come with features like weatherproof seal and can be custom designed to suit the requirements of hangar access. They will be able to withstand high loads of wind, and offers smooth motion and ease in operation even manually. Other features, may be panels for sensing pressure, counterbalance etc to adapt it with the moving motion of the plane tail. They may be used in manufacturing units, warehouses, shipyards, power plants etc.

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