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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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We are trained to offer top garage door repair

Choosing the Best Garage Door

I am about to finish building my new home, and thanks to garage door repair Haledon, I made some good choices, especially for my garage door. I learned that choosing a garage door was not just for aesthetic purposes, but the overall functionality would also depend on one’s needs and conditions. There are garage doors, for example, that are much more resilient to weathering and the elements, and there are houses that would look and function much better with a wooden garage door. Luckily, I was able to consult garage door repair Haledon with this matter and they gave me the best choice for my home.

Brand New Remote and Sensors

My automatic garage door is pretty old and I thought of having it replaced when the remote and sensors already seemed weak. I started having a hard time opening my garage door even if I was very close to the sensors. I called garage door repair Haledon to inquire about a garage door replacement, but they told me that it was still in a good working condition and that I could just have the sensors and the remote replaced. That choice definitely saved me money, and I’m very thankful to the company for giving me honest opinions and the best option for my situation.


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