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Different Types of Garage Door Openers

Different Types of Garage Door Openers
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You may look at a garage door opener as a simple device used to lift the door. However, there is more to it than what meets the eye. In fact, there are four different types of openers that are categorized according to their mechanical drive.

4 Types

• Screw-DriveDifferent Types of Garage Door Openers

This type of opener moves up and down on a threaded steel rod, and is ideal when looking at a low-maintenance mechanism for a garage door. Nevertheless, screw-driven models are said to be slow and noisy, so you must look into various models when opting to buy this kind of opener.

• Chain-Drive

Obviously, the model uses a chain mechanism that loops around a rail so the door will raise upon pressing the button. They say chain-driven openers are the least expensive and the most common type in the market.

• Belt-Drive

Instead of a chain, this type of opener uses a metal-reinforced rubber belt, which makes it quieter than other models. You can also expect to pay more for it than the rest mainly because of its better quality and functionality.

• Direct-Drive

Openers under the direct-drive model don't use the traditional mechanism, such as chain, belt, or screw. Instead, they function as a motor that glides on a stationary chain rather than a motor that drives the chain to raise the door. Many homeowners actually opt for this type of opener due to its performance.

There may be different types of garage door openers, but you can only choose one for your garage door. Make sure that you opt for a mechanism that will not break your budget and can perform well even during winter. Consider the functionality, but don't forget about the price too. It pays to ask around or do your own research in order to obtain the best one for your garage door.

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