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Incredible tips and excellent recommendations on how to keep garage doors in perfect condition

Refer to your owner’s manual

Most of the instructions, maintenance and care for your door opener can be found in the owner’s manual. You should review and follow them to ensure the full performance of your device. If you have lost the manual, look for the model number located at the back of the power unit. You can contact your manufacturer and request for an owner’s manual for the specific model..

Purchasing a garage door

Before you decide to purchase for a garage door, consider some aspects of your home like the height, headroom and length of your garage. Moreover, your choice of garage door model depends on your taste, budget and requirement. You may refer to our experts who can help in recommending the right door model for you.

Apply and reapply antirust when necessary

Application of antirust on the garage door and its other parts could not be stressed enough. Rust is the main enemy of all metal objects and antirust is the solution to avoid any buildup. Our experts recommend regular application of antirust, especially during the rainy seasons.

An easy and practical way to avoid garage door opener injury

Your garage door opener's safety sensors should also be evaluated to make sure they are working properly. The sensor will immediately detect anything in the path of the door as it closes and will automatically reverse its course. Call our specialist to evaluate your sensors.

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