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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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If there is one garage door part that requires your attention, it is the spring. Garage Door Springs are quite delicate. They are prone to breakage and malfunctioning because they are the most used with every door opening and closing. However, it is not advisable for homeowners to tamper with a garage door broken spring as it is subjected to high tension, which could pose risks for your safety.

The good news is, you can always rely on our garage door company in terms of spring repair. We are dedicated to ensure that our customers enjoy the maximum advantage of automatic garage doors. That’s why we at “Garage Door Repair Haledon” are committed to provide the best service.

Our expertise in spring repair is unquestionable

Garage Door SpringsWhat you must understand about Garage Door Springs is that they are mostly designed for about 10,000 cycles only. The frequency of your unit’s activity also determines how often you need to have it checked. Our contractors are tasked to perform a full diagnostic check as well as maintenance routines before they do the actual extension springs repair. The service includes cleaning the dirt buildup and greasing all the moving parts. If there are worn out bolts and nuts or any motor parts, they will need to be replaced. Any moving part that is not in tip-top shape could affect the workings of your spring. That’s why all those issues need to be extracted first before the spring replacement itself.

Owning a garage door unit requires some responsibility. You must be committed to keep watch on your unit and ensure that it is working right. Even the slightest sign of damage must be turned over to our expert contractors to be looked into. Regular maintenance checks can somehow save you a lot of money in Garage Door Repair.

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